Department of Applied Molecular Chemistry Department, we are working on the next generation of research and technological development.

The Applied Chemistry Division originated as the Department of Applied Chemistry, which was founded in 1911. In 1957, the Department of Synthetic Chemistry, the predecessor of the Department of Applied Molecular Science, was established. The Department of Applied Materials was born in 1991 by combining the Department of Applied Chemistry and the Department of Synthetic Chemistry. The Department of Applied Materials is a direct predecessor of the Department of Applied Chemistry.

In 1997, three Materials Science Engineering departments (Chemical Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Materials, Materials Engineering) were gathered together to form the Department of Materials Science. In 2005, the Department moved to the new Kyushu University campus (the Ito campus), where research and educational activities are being carried out using the latest research equipment.

In each research lab of the Applied Chemistry Division, we are focusing on the "technology-aware" chemistry, In other words, we are focusing our attention on a form of chemistry that has an impact on the world, helps mankind to prosper, serves to protect the environment, and is applicable to the study of life. While we are engaged in the basic research in support of the chemical industry, which makes up an important industrial base, we are also carrying out research related to practical development efforts.

In the Applied Chemistry courses, students are exposed to studies with an international perspective; these courses involve proactive collaboration with foreign countries. These courses are of a world-class level and the Department is well-known internationally in its role as one of the most advanced research hubs in the world when it comes to chemistry. The Department works with domestic companies, universities and research institutions, and is also engaged in a wealth of collaborative international efforts.

In addition, in 2007 the Department of Applied Chemistry was included in a group chosen by the Ministry of Education to participate in the Global COE (Center of Excellence) research hub. The latest scientific equipment will be installed during the five-year implementation period, and the Department will be called upon to provide much in the way of research support. These efforts are expected to gain very high marks in the research and education areas.

Graduates of the Applied Chemistry courses have become active in a rapidly increasing number of fields in recent years. Chemistry is one of the fundamental technologies that supports industry.

Graduates of this coursework are in strong demand in the electrical, information, machinery, automobile, metals, natural resources, energy, environment, biotechnology, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors as well as what is often referred to as the chemical industry. Their activity is not limited to these industries alone; many graduates are active in public research institutions as well as universities and other educational institutions.