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Research Target



Optical Functional Materials

  • Development and Spin of a novel organic solar cell consisting of plasmonic nanoparticles, organic and inorganic compounds, Basic Understanding of Photosynthesis Utilizing Magnetic Field, and Construction of highly efficient light energy conversion system.
  • Based on analysis of aggregation state and dynamics at the surface and interface, designing and creating optical functional polymer materials.
  • Promote the joint researchs with domestic and foreign companies, form the development base for research on organic polymer material in Kyushu, and promote the creation of new industries centering on the development of plasmonic nanomaterials and new solar cells.

Optical Functional Devices

  • Research on organic optoelectronics as material design / synthesis, deviceization of organic semiconductors, photoelectronic properties analysis
  • Research on high-performance laser technology and new analysis method of environmental pollutants
  • Working on the material synthesis of organic EL, organic transistor, organic solar cell, organic semiconductor laser, organic memory device, elucidation of basic physics and device physics. Promoting international collaborative research, and Aiming to make a worldwide research base for organic semiconductor devices.
  • Through Researching on laser technology as the foundation of highly sensitive, highly selective analysis, and new analytical method of environmental pollutants, and managing venture business activities from this department,  Work with local companies and commercialize new state-of-the-art analytical techniques and contribute to the community and society
  • Through Researching on microfluidic devices incorporating organic EL, environmental measurement, medical diagnostic biosensor, single molecular measurement of DNA, bioimaging of low molecular transmitter Aim to become a research center for environmental and nanobio analytical chemistry

Energy Chemistry

  • Aim  to "Creation of a future type academic field, chemical technology and industry realizing a sustainable energy circulation society"
  • To commercialize innovative functional material creation technology and new materials or systems based on nanotechnology, communicate closely with companies and universities, and establish a research education promotion system suitable for practical and industrial research

Green Chemistry

  • Truly decipher and understand the reaction mechanism of nature, biological substances and energy conversion (photosynthesis, hydrogenase, vitamin B 12)
  • Construct new catalysts / new materials modeling nature and living organisms at the laboratory level. (Biomimetic · Bio-inspired)
  • Verify whether constructed catalysts and materials (prototype models) can be applied to actual industries by industry, academia and government collaboration
  • Ultimately, aim to bloom new industries based on new technology


  • Based on various functions of biomolecules that shape life, create new biomolecules and biomaterials
  • By fusion of body molecules and synthetic molecules, Design and preparation of molecules with new functions, and develop technologies leading the field of nanobio and nanomedicine
  • Conduct research and development that contributes to innovation of green biotechnology contributing to building a sustainable society
  • Promote joint research with domestic and overseas biotech companies or bio R&D departments, and create Nano Bio R&D base in Kyushu.
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