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Creation of Photo-complex Chemistry

- Construction of new light energy conversion system -

Novo synthesis of the light functional molecules and their Feature quest leads to the development of new light functional materials (catalyst, sensor, display and storage element, etc.). And it is also very important research problem from the viewpoint of solving energy and environmental problems through the effective use of light energy.

With this research, We have focused on the "New features and new phenomenon"  caused by the functional interaction of the metal complex molecules and light, we design and synthesize the Photoresponsive complex molecules based on our own perspective.

In particular, we are developing Research to build the system of convert from light energy to three types below.
  1. Chemical energy  : Development of the new catalyst system with the force of light
  2. Different light energy : Development of new light-emitting material
  3. Mechanical energy : Development of "photo mechanical material" from the Photoresponsive phenomenon at the molecular level  to shape changes in bulk


Recent achievements

We found the New luminescent photochromic phenomenon by Gadolinium (Gd) complex and clarified its mechanism.
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